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Social responsibility.

  • Huawei has more than 1500 employees, our annual output is over 100 million Euros. We create a good employment opportunities in our city.

Ensure the right of company employees.

  • We have a trade union to safeguard workers' rights.
  • Workers enjoy the rights of vocational skills training and education.
  • We provide equal career advancement opportunities for employees.


  • We put safety production first, never relax the security issue.
  • Employee has a safety training every year.
  • We have special safety inspection staff, responsible for on-site inspection.
  • Our target is no major safety accident every year.

Environmental protection.

  • Company built a garden-like landscape greening, provides a good environment for the staff leisure.
  • The management of the company attaches great importance to control the sewage, waste oil's emissions.
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